Heavy Equipment Repair

Expert mechanics available for all your heavy equipment repairs.

Heavy Equipment Repair


Our full-service equipment repair and maintenance facility is available for small vehicle owners as well as businesses that need their heavy equipment, large trucks and fleets serviced. We also have second shift mechanics for after-hour repairs to accommodate various customer needs.


Step 1:

Contact us to learn more about our paving and driveway repair services and if they’re right for your needs. 


Step 2:

Once we learn more about your project scope, we provide you with an estimate for our work and project timeline. 


Step 3:

Once everything has been approved and is ready to move forward, we schedule the work and handle the rest!

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Our extensive experience allows us to continually deliver quality workmanship on time. Our morals and values run deep within our family, and our company, and we strive to represent them in everything we do.

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Learn more about our process of repairing and paving driveways. 

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