About Us

Based in Lancaster County, PA

Our Roots

It’s all in the family.

Our History

Early Days

Donald H. Funk founded the company in 1975 along with one of his four sons, Douglas. In 1977 Doug’s twin brother, Dennis, joined as a partner. Donald’s youngest son, Phil, joined later in 1981. DHF primarily worked on residential and agricultural projects. The initial success allowed Donald to purchase 55 acres of land near the intersection of Route 30 and Prospect Road, in Columbia, which would eventually become the home of their new office.


In 1985 a small office and shop were constructed on the new land. By this point DHF employed around 20 people and had 10 pieces of equipment in its fleet. Donald, along with his three sons, started a real estate division in 1994 to be able to invest a portion of the earnings from the excavating company. In 2001 officers were assigned to the company with Dennis as President, Doug as Vice President and Phil as Secretary/Treasurer. In 2003 Donald started to reduce his role in the company and began to enjoy retirement. In 2007 a new office building and shop facility were built. By 2010 there were 85 employees and over 200 pieces of equipment.

3rd Generation

In 2009 DHF brought the 3rd generation into the owners circle. This was the first step to a future transition planning to take place.  In 2017 Nat and Jordan (G3) members bought 100% of DH Funk, and continued in their roles within the company.  Jordan being Project manager and Nat as Vice President of Business Development.  Dennis remained as President, Doug and Phillip as advisors to the company.  In 2020 Dennis stepped into partial retirement and passed the baton onto Jordan as President.  G2 (Dennis, Doug, and Phillip) still stay involved in various roles within the company.  DH Funk is approaching 50 years of being in operation with around 100 employees.  The 3rd Generation continues to diversify the company with adding operations such as a Crushing Division and Asphalt Paving.

We stand behind our work

The D.H. Funk Guarantee:

We stand behind our work

We will get your job done right – with the excellence of our experts.

What we Stand on


Breaking ground on new opportunities; raising the standard through leadership, innovation, persistence, and virtue.

Core Values

Dedication – Commited to safety and well-being without compromise.

Honesty – Keeping our promises, speeking the truth, and acting with integrity.

Family – Caring about our team and the people that matter to them.

Unity – Believing the best in each other enriches us all.

Neighborly – Being stewards to the community, using what God has entrusted us with.

Kingdom – Honoring and trusting God in all we do for His purpose.


From generation to generation, we will continue to be the premier site development excavating company. Never forgetting who we are and where we came from. Maintaining our foundation that is focused on trust, relationships, morals, and ethical values.