Asphalt Paving Services

Laying new asphalt? Don’t settle for less than perfect. 

Asphalt Paving Services


Our team of experts work from scratch to lay new asphalt for commercial  projects, parking lots, and more. We assist with the entire process from site  preparation and grading to paving. In addition to laying new asphalt, we also  service old or damaged asphalt driveways in need of repair.


Step 1:

Contact us to learn more about our asphalt contracting services and how we can best serve you.


Step 2:

Once we learn more about your project scope, we provide you with an estimate for our work and project timeline. 


Step 3:

Once everything has been approved and is ready to move forward, we schedule the work and handle the rest!

Recent Work

Recent Work on Aviation Road

Berks Park Aviatio Road Project

The Berks Park Aviation Road Project consisted of 1.5 miles of roadway improvements within a 5-month time frame.

The existing Aviation Road could be described as a tree lined rural lane with just enough room to safely navigate the potholes and blind curves. Portions of the existing road were removed and a new road built in its place. Other sections needed a complete reconstruction which required milling, profiling, leveling, widening, and straightening of the existing roadway. All this work took place while maintaining access to local businesses and residents. New storm water structures and piping were installed to help convey the storm water runoff to multiple subsurface infiltration systems. Approximately 7,200 lf of gas main and 5,900 lf of electric line were installed through the duration of the project.

About 9000 ton of asphalt was placed to achieve the goal.

Aviation Road is now a completely different road, with fresh line striping new guard rail and a smooth ride.


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